Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

(Toby)  I will miss my puppy trainer family, but since my hips are not good enough to work, I am being adopted by a family as a pet.  Now, I get to be super spoiled and just play all day!!!
(McCoy)  I love being the only puppy in the all the toys are MINE!!!
 (Yogi - career change)  Playing basketball is very tiring!
(Jonah)  Showing off my awesome sit stay in front of the school after working with the students in class.
(Arazi)  Being the co-pilot is just one of my many talents as a Service Dog!
(Bullet)  I am so rockin this Guide dog harness!
(Laddie)  It's important to know when to just be silly!!!
(Tuffy)  For my next how I can make him get up and take me outside!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

(Mickey)  Okay, okay....this is the fourth or fifth person to hold me and pose for a picture.  I get it, I'm cute and cuddly!
(Jonah) How come you guys always make me be the one to walk by the cat.  I'm not taking that dare anymore.

(Jonah) If the hanger would stop swinging, it would be easier to grab with my mouth.

(Arazi)  Are you taking another picture with your phone?  How about a close up!

(McCoy) No, I'm not coming out because then you will just pounce on me.

(Toby) I wonder if the purple ones taste like grape and the green ones like apple.

(Laddie)  No more pictures, I need some sleep.

(Jonah) First one at the fridge gets the best ice cube!

(Toby)  Just a little closer girls and I will tag you.
(Tuffy)  It's a ball, deal with it.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

(Bullet) Introducing me.....yes, I am officially in the K9s 4 Mobility program!!!  I am around a year old and am a mix of Lab and probably shepherd.  I have been waiting patiently in the Cheyenne Animal Shelter for the results of my hip x-rays.  They have been feeding and caring for me really well.  My friend, Mary comes in and works with me on walking on a leash and sitting when told.  I so enjoyed the day that Michelle took me to Colorado to play with some other dogs and I even got to sleep in the house.  I try to be very good but I do have lots of energy and love to give.  I heard through the grapevine that I will be picked up on Monday, December 23rd to spend Christmas with Michelle and her family.

(Maddie)  It's a girl would not understand!

(Mickey)  It was long drive from my home in Nebraska, but I am loving all the attention I am getting being in the K9s 4 Mobility program.  I hope I can be as good as my Uncle Wilson one day!

(Jonah)  If this thing would stop swinging, it would be much easier to grab!

(Laddie) So when are you leaving and can I have your spot on the bed?

(Jonah)  Just as soon as he lets go of me, I'm going straight for the basket of candy!
(Linden)  Make sure to get the sleeping routine on the bed established right from the start.  If he tries to kick you off, just kiss his ear.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

(Jonah)  Okay, we are here and the basketball is out there.  So why are we here again?

This is what just "watching" basketball does to me!

(Laddie) How can I be dirty, we just got here.  There is still lots to explore and snow to play in.

(Toby)  I get it.....I sit here and you walk over there and say stuff in that goofy voice.

(Laddie)  I helped pick out all this food but I don't get any?

(Linden)  Don't take your eyes off of the treats.....Maddie, did you hear me?  Do not look away!

(Yogi)  I got tired just watching them eat all that food!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

 (Wilson)  I think this is some kind of test, probably my patience of what my trainer makes me do for pictures!
Now I know something is up.  I got a bath, my nails and teeth done last night.  I don't think this is any ordinary day.
Seeing Keith again was awesome, but I think this time I might be staying here.  He keeps telling me how much he loves me!  He has been feeding me my hand and grooming me until I shine.

Love our walks outside around the neighborhood.  We met some new friends, little dogs that are kind of yappy when they see me.  Keith tells me to just mind my business and keeps on going. 

 Shopping is not exactly my favorite thing to do, but Keith makes it more fun by buying me some new toys!
We travel in Keith's big van that has a huge seat just for me.  The windows are at my level so while lying on the seat I can see EVERYTHING!
WOW, this training together is so tiring.  So glad that Keith bought me this comfy bed!
Our final test together was at Murdochs and included a stay with recall and us both minding our manners in public!
Since I am living with Keith, my trainer brings a dog friend to play with me once a week.  Jonah is my favorite because he loves to play chase!